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Get To Know Shauntelle

We sat down with the funny and warm Shauntelle to discuss her time with Rocks Group, epic partying at Rokuni and the challenges of the job!

Meet Shauntelle! Shauntelle has been working at Rokuni since it’s opening last year and has grown to be a customer favourite with both regulars and newcomers at the Asian-inspired restaurant. This month we spoke to her about her favourite memories during her first year with Rocks Group and her excitement for the new season!

Tell us about your experience as a first time waitress?

I was both excited and nervous. Excited about being able to to meet different people, learning more about the business as well as learning a new trade. I’ve never worked in the hospitality industry before. I was nervous about the possibility of messing up, like breaking dishes or getting an order wrong; but as I’ve continued working with the team I’ve  come to learn that we’re all sort like a family and nobody’s going to let you fall behind or allow you to mess up. So the nerves quickly went away.

What’s the most challenging thing about the job?

Being in an industry where you have to interact with numerous individuals, no two persons are quite the same. So the most challenging part, is being able to read different guests so that you could personalize their experience best for them. Especially in getting a sense of the reason as to why they’re dining out (because people dine out for multiple reasons) They could looking for a fun night out and just have a good time, conducting potential business, on a date, or even planning a proposal. Over time you become able to tell right off the bat from that initial introduction at the table.

How did you feel being apart of the opening of Rokuni, being it was a new restaurant on island?

I felt as though I was a part of something big and it felt great. Being on the inside seeing some really creative minds come up with our signature drinks, food and decor it was really beautiful to me and sort of magical because I’ve never seen any Pan-Asian inspired restaurant in Antigua have so much creativity in each aspects like that.

If you could describe our owner, Mr. Rocks, as a dumpling, which would he be and why?

A shiitake mushroom dumpling; because you may think that it’s a bit boring before biting into it, but as soon as you do it’s so flavourful and exciting! You start to wonder about how its made.

Favourite Rokuni memory?

Our second Music On The Rocks. We had over 130 guests, including walk-ins, and it was crazy! There were a bunch of people just vibing having an amazing time all around, from chicken fights in the pool to dancing to the DJ. The team had a blast!

What are you most excited about for the new season?

I’m excited about trying new things from our menu, training new staff, and just seeing what exciting things the new season will hold!

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